How To Choose A Moving Company

You can study the market situation related to the move by using various reputable reviewers such as Yelp, Topmoversreviews and others. But this is often not enough and you need to take into account more details when choosing a carrier company.

What factors and services to pay attention to when choosing a company providing relocation services or transportation of furniture.

Types of services

Targeted services: only transportation of furniture, belongings, organization of apartment moves and office moves – or all kinds of cargo transportation.

When you visit the site of the carrier company, pay attention to what services are put emphasis. That is, if the site of the carrier company pays more attention to the services of cargo transportation, rather than moving, you can make preliminary conclusions that this company’s main direction of transportation of goods of different categories – delivery of building materials, garbage removal, etc.

Why it is important and what it will give you:

  • The guarantee of cleanliness and equipment of cars for the transportation of goods and furniture. Since the car, when widely used in the category of cargo transportation, could carry construction materials or construction debris, metal (rust), items with grease (oil contamination). Accordingly, the vehicle may come to you after performing this type of service with an unclean body. Which will add to the trouble of cleaning the items from the above mentioned transportation.

Qualified personnel

  • Also, pay attention to the description of services such as disassembly and assembly of furniture.

If you see on the company’s website the target topic of this type of service, then you can pay attention to this company. If this topic is not described in detail for their potential customers as the main service to move, it is desirable to think about whether this company will work with the furniture qualitatively.

Why is it important – if the company provides services to furniture makers, respectively, each specialist has its own individual tool for the work. It often happens when the company on its resources advertise the service of disassembly and assembly of furniture, but on the fact of arrival to you “specialists” it turns out that they do not have a basic set of screwdrivers, hexagons, keys, etc., not to mention professional tools and run or wait for the driver to ask him for a tool. Which, accordingly, is already delaying the relocation process.

Why is it important and what it will give you:

Guarantee that movers – furniture makers have the necessary tools and equipment to work with furniture. Since unscrewing furniture fasteners are not suitable tools, can lead to damage to the furniture.

If you are still convinced that professionals will come to you, but it turns out that they do not have tool kits, we recommend that you cancel the order immediately, as it is cheaper to refuse the services of this company than then do additional repairs (at best).

Integrated services

What additional services and offer the company provides. Any company that offers relocation services provides a full range of services, from assistance in packing personal belongings to dismantling and installation in a new premises.

Why it is important and what it will give you:

Will you be able to order all the necessary services, packaging material for the transport of equipment, things, furniture in one company, or you need to spend time yourself to find and buy the necessary materials for packaging, and search for additional specialists to, for example, turn off the washing machine, remove chandeliers, remove blinds, boiler, etc.

Dispatcher service or company with its own permanent staff.

Check with the company’s operators whether it is a control room or a company with its own permanent staff.

Why it is important and what it will give you:

  • Trucking control – looking for people and a vehicle to fulfill your request. And it directs whoever it finds to you.
  • the company with its permanent staff, sends to you employees, preliminarily giving you the numbers of the car and the name of the executor of the application.

It is also responsible for the safety of your property.