How Do You Pack Up When You Move And Make No Mistake?

To paraphrase a famous movie hero: “Moving is a delicate matter!” Therefore, the packaging of the cargo should be carried out with care so that all your belongings reach the end point in one piece without getting lost on the way. Prepare some materials in advance:

  • cardboard boxes of different sizes, but preferably medium and large,
  • a special kraft paper, old newspapers as a last resort,
  • the duct tape is wide and thin,
  • a tape of the same bubbles you used to love to burst as a kid,
  • garbage bags of different capacities.

Don’t get carried away with too big bags and boxes: when filled, they will be heavy even for a man in good physical shape. Do not turn an apartment move with the packing of things in anybody’s needless feat, which will have a negative impact on health.

What is there to pack and how?

There is a certain order in which it is easier to pack things:

  • First, durable things, which include: bed linen, books, clothes.
  • Then do the dishes and other fragile items.
  • You’ll have to deal with the disassembly of furniture, as it’s almost impossible to transport it without damage.
  • Household appliances always come last and when packing them, follow the instructions in the accompanying documentation.

Keep important documents, jewellery and money with you, as well as medicines. We recommend that you pack the box so that it does not exceed 30 kg. And if there are no weights nearby, use the old proven method: try to move the load with one thumb of one hand. If it doesn’t work, it’s worth taking away extra things.