How Do You Choose A Moving Box?

Don’t save on the safety of things!

For any variant of moving the cargo – things, items, household appliances, furniture – you need the appropriate packaging material. Orange Vanlines recommends using boxes for moving from corrugated cardboard. Texture feature is alternation of sheets of flat and corrugated cardboard, which makes the product more durable. And the more layers (2, 3, 5, 7), the more reliable the packaging will be.

Where can I buy moving cardboard boxes?

When planning a country, apartment, office move, be sure to take care of the appropriate packaging for your property. From us you can buy cheap but quality boxes, which we will pick up in the necessary quantity, and most importantly – in the appropriate strength class.

For most tasks, we use 5-layer boxes – they can withstand heavy weight.

4 reasons to entrust packing to Orange Vanlines:

  • Our employee goes to the site for evaluation. With a small volume, you can tell the manager the quantity of the packaging material yourself.
  • We provide qualified assistance in packing and moving, providing not only the appropriate boxes, but also special equipment, professional loaders who know the peculiarities of cargo securing – everything comes to the destination in one piece.
  • We bring the ordered goods quickly, we work even with urgent orders.
  • Packaging of equipment for the move also includes the selection of the optimal form of the box, very often – with a filler that will soften the impact during transportation.

Do you have any questions or need a specialist to come? Contact us, and get the qualified help from employees of company Orange Vanlines!