Alan Smith, client

First I used a good reviewer and found this shipping company. I took a risk because of the good job evaluations and went with Orange Van Lines and goodness gracious I have never felt so stress free. The drivers came a little late but when they came they came with energy and will power to work. They saw my kids around and made sure to watch their language which I highly appreciated. They moved my things with care, watching not to scratch the walls or the floors. I was so relieved. I was moving a 3 bedroom house so there were many things put on the truck. I offered them lemonade for the hot work day and they were very thankful. About a week later I had my things delivered to me, it took them a while to get everything off the truck and into my new apartment, but again everything was handled with care and they were nice enough to put everything in the rooms I showed them. I am so happy I took the chance to move with this company. Thank you Orange, you’ve made this so easy!